My thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda and 8 mints full of action gameplay

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My thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda and 8 mints full of action gameplay

I’m in 22nd century named Scott Ryder, waked up after completion of 600-years of journey. Now humanity is planning to populate new home worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy. After the outstanding trilogy, It’s a really unexpected follow up for me.

Currently I’ve just completed the mission “The Journey to Meridian”, on the way found some previously known species of Mass Effect series like Asari, Krogan, Turian and Salarian and seen some weird alien as Kett[they looks quite like villains], Angara[kind of snake type but surely they are not], some humungous animals some of them can also cloak and sometimes gonna directly jump on you from outta no where (if you watch my gameplay you’ll find some scene like this). try this one:

Combat style is changed a lot & it’s the most disappointing part. The combat takes place in real-time i.e. no longer pausing to target enemy and using squad mate powers are also not accessible, here you are on your own, don’t know why can’t use all the powers just three skills are available for use all times, though I see skills can be grouped into profiles which is switchable in any ongoing mission but switching drains a lot of energy which takes longer to recharge. I haven’t even been able to figure out how to use the medic which can heal the entire squad like it was in M3 don’t know if it’s even available here or not. The jump jet is great I love that specially when using the melee in a landing state.

Watch the gameplay and enjoy & let’s see what the pathfinder finally gets in the Andromeda Galaxy. . .

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